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A Quality Handyman Service Expert You Can Depend On

Wil-ker Renos Inc is a reliable handyman service provider with an impressive track record in the industry. Whether you have a commercial or residential property that requires some touch-ups, you can trust me to finish the job on time and within budget. I abide by the local Building Code and serve customers in Edmonton, AB.

My Services

Handyman Services

Handyman Services
As a dependable home repair and maintenance professional, I am ready to take on all sorts of property repairs. I use high-class tools and equipment to finish the work on time.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior and Exterior Painting
Count on your professional handyman service expert to give you a dependable painting service. You can expect me to do a clean job and deliver clean and even lines.

Exterior Repair

Exterior Repair
You can also book with my company for minor exterior repairs. If your siding needs some small touch-ups or anything else, just contact me. Call me by phone to learn more about my available options.


I also provide quality plumbing services at reasonable prices. Call me for minor leak repair, maintenance, and more, and you will receive quick and professional assistance. 

Lights Installation

Lights Installation
You can also avail yourself of my electrical skills! I can install various types of lights on your property, including pot lights. Call me to learn more about my availability and pricing.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance
 In addition to providing a handyman service, I can also deliver quick property maintenance solutions. I work with residents and commercial customers to tackle a range of problems on properties of different sizes.

Plenty of Benefits for You

Do not hesitate to contact a professional handyman service, even for small-scale repairs on your property. Experts can provide you with the desired results quickly, always following the strictest requirements in the industry. Professionals use appropriate tools and equipment for each job, which is essential for how the finished product will look and how long it will last. And if you require top-class property repair solutions for your home or workplace, you can always trust Wil-ker Renos Inc to do an outstanding job! I am a licensed and insured contractor who will go the extra mile to meet your needs.

The Right Approach

I am a dependable home repair and maintenance contractor who will give you my undivided attention until your project is completed. I use professional equipment and tools for every endeavour I tackle. My company has proudly been serving customers in the Edmonton, AB year for the past seven years. I have taken on projects of various shapes and sizes, doing my best to always finish the job on time and within budget. In addition, my business pertains to an affordable pricing policy, maintaining all my solutions at reasonable rates. Contact me for more details today, and do not forget to book with my company if you expect the right approach every time!

You can reach me at (825) 255-5668 if you have some questions. I will address all your concerns and answer your queries to the best of my ability. My company works in Edmonton, AB.

Client’s Testimonial

by Roberta McIrvin on Wil-ker Renos Inc
Would Recommend

I'm happy with your handyman services. I hired you to fix a minor leak and paint the exterior of my house. You did a great job. I highly recommend your company and services.

Wil-ker Renos Inc
Address: Edmonton, AB T6W 4P4
Phone: (825) 255-5668

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  • Exterior Painting
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  • Lights Installation
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